Courses description


It’s easy when you’re motivated

This course teaches you the power of motivation. It teaches you what motivation is, how to motivate yourself, and how to use motivation to excel in school.



The power of goals

This course teaches you the power of setting goals. It teaches you what goals are, the importance behind setting goals, how to set them, and how to utilize these goals to excel in school.



Plan & prioritize your studies

This course teaches you how to create an efficient and accurate plan for your studies, why it is important for your grades, and how to prioritize your studies in the best way.


Study Techniques:

General principles

This course teaches you the basic yet important study techniques and principles to perform well in school, such as your image as a student, the power of repetition, and know when and what to study.

Study Technique 1: Problem-solving Courses

This study technique focuses on problem solving that yields high grades. This section utilizes courses that require theoretical problem solving.

Courses: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economy, Finance, and many more.

Study Technique 2: Text-based Courses

This study technique focuses on text-based course studies that include courses with high volumes of reading, memorizing, and learning.

Courses: History, religion, geography, psychology, biology, literature, and many more.

Study Technique 3: Reports

This study technique helps with preparation in writing excellent school reports.

Courses: Report Writing

Study Technique 4: Essays

This study technique helps in preparation and writing skills for excellent school essays.

Courses: Essay Writing

Study Technique 5: Presentations

This study technique provides information to aid with presentations and speeches.

Courses: Public speaking, Communication

Study Technique 6: Learning a new language or your language better:

This study technique guides you toward approaches in learning a new language and improving your native language to increase grades in language courses.




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