Learn how to study and get the best grades in school.

Do you want to get better grades in school? Do you want to learn a systematic way on how you best approach each course category? eLearning ABCD is an online platform with scientific based courses that teaches you study techniques, motivation, goal setting and study planning. It teaches you the necessary knowledge on how you best learn and conquer all of your subjects in school.


Why eLearning ABCD?

Do you want to get better grades in school? Do you want to learn a systematic way on how to best approach each course category? eLearning ABCD offers fun, interactive, and valuable online courses that prepare you for each subject in school so you know how to study to get the best grades possible. The online courses teach you exactly what to do in each subject to optimize learning and achieve high grades.

“Simply put, we teach students HOW to study in each course category.”


Motivate yourself in school

This course teaches you the power of motivation. It teaches you what motivation is, how you can motivate yourself and how you can use motivation to excel in school.


The power of goal setting

This course teaches you the power of goal setting. It teaches you what goals are, why they are important, how you set up goals and how you use your goals to excel in school.


Plan and prioritize your studies

This course teaches you why a correct plan in school is extremely important for your grades, how you can create an efficient and accurate plan for your studies, and how you should prioritize your studies the best way.

Study techniques

General principles

This course teaches you the basic but important principles in school to perform well, such as your image as a student, the power of repetition, and knowing what and when to study.

Study technique 1

This course teaches you how to best study for problem-solving courses to get a high grade. Problem-solving courses include all courses that have theoretical problems for you to solve.

Study technique 4

This course teaches you how to prepare and write excellent essays school.

Study technique 2

This course teaches you how to best study for text-based courses to get a high grade. Text-based courses include all courses that contain many books or pages to read, memorize and learn.

Study technique 5

This study technique applies to all subjects where you have presentations or speeches to give.

Study technique 3

This course teaches you how to prepare and write excellent reports in school.

Study technique 6

This course teaches you how to best learn a new language or how to improve your native language so you can get a high grade in your language courses.


“Working full-time as a registered nurse while simultaneously pursuing a doctorate degree is extremely challenging. With my busy schedule, it was helpful to have a program that was easy to listen to while on-the-go. eLearning ABCD has motivated me by teaching me the techniques to study efficiently and effectively. “Planning” was one of the most valuable courses for me. It taught me how to structure my time, recognize my weaknesses, and prioritize my studies appropriately. I began to see progress after completing just two of the many informative courses. By following the steps provided, I received A’s on both my first presentation and midterm exam of the semester. eLearning ABCD has increased my confidence in my work and learning capabilities by supplying me with the tools I need to succeed.”

Melissa Meyer

BSN, RN. , Connecticut, USA

“All students should have the right to equal opportunities when it comes to their education. They should also have the right to know and understand how they can get the most out of their schoolyears. With eLearning ABCD, students can finally get the necessary tools on this matter and use and practically apply it to their school time and also personal future lives.”

Pernilla Korherr

Teacher, Schul Werk Statt Vienna, Austria

“eLearning ABCD is a very simple and effective service to reach your full academic potential. It offers a wide range of courses for various needs, such as presentations, lab-reports, essays, study-strategies and motivation. Personally I lacked smart and time efficient ways to study and it helped me become more sharp and wise. Once you watch all the courses and implement the knowledge you will significantly improve your grades.”

Simon Mehari

High school student , Gothenburg, Sweden


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